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Do not worry, this will not be another article telling you to wake up at 4am to be more productive or to shout “I am a winner” in front of the mirror…

Here I want to share some concrete habits that I transformed into a daily routine and that helped me to improve as developer.
As for any project, I started with one task and kept repeating it everyday. With time, this became familiar, almost automatic. I then combined new practices and consolidated them into the following points:

It is easier if you concentrate on a topic you are currently working on or you are already familiar with. This will not only help other developers in overcoming their issues, but it will also push you to really understand the subject in order to explain it to others. You will research the topic and learn new aspects about it in the process.

Simply because you are unfamiliar with that part of code or it is hard to implement.
This is not exactly a daily routine, but anyway something I keep doing it at least once per Sprint. We learn from challenges, therefore don’t be scared to fail, you can always ask a colleague to program some parts with you.
This article underlines the benefits of pair programming and also mentioning its potential risks.

There are so many things we do not know. Especially in web development, it is almost impossible to stay up to date with the latest trends, frameworks and best practices.
However, while making researches on internet, if I bump on a new interesting topic — for instance, today it was “Progressive Web Apps in multi origin sites”, as I am passionate about PWAs — I look up its documentation for more details and create a bookmark to read it later during my next coffee break.

👉 Even though it can be convenient, I refrain from printing the articles. As technologies evolve quickly, you would end up with a bunch of obsolete material and wasted paper. A fresh search with the proper keywords would ensure you always the most up to date information 🌳 ❤️ 🌲

I am currently working at three different personal projects and with a full time job, I cannot invest time in each of them.
Nevertheless, whenever I get a new idea that could be translated into a cool feature, I write it down on Evernote, on a classic paper block-note (this works the best for me if I have to quickly add a diagram or schema to my notes) or email myself the details.
It doesn’t matter which media or program you choose, it just have to be practical and fast, since you do not want your ideas to fade away by the time you start putting them down…

These points are working for me. You can start integrating one of them into your daily routine and benefit from it. If you liked them add a clap 👏 to give some energy to write more articles.

Do you have similar habits that you practice at work? Share them in a response below 👍

Originally published at on August 29, 2019.

Senior Consultant & Angular Trainer at Trivadis — Passionate about web technologies | Focusing on Javascript, Angular and PWAs

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