🎄 Advent of Code 💻

One challenge everyday before Christmas holidays!!

Holidays are getting close. Either we are planning to work on some personal side projects, learning some new techie subjects or simply recharging batteries with a well deserved coding pause.

Nevertheless I would like to spread some awareness about the “Advent of code” series, created by Eric Wastl, allowing us to practice our developer skills by solving programming problems on a daily base before Christmas.

What is it about?

The challenge for the second day looks like the following:

As you can see the UI is minimal and you do not need any super computer to take part to it. All you need is just some IT background, but without being an expert developer.

You need to authenticate before starting (you can use the most common social media login channels for this) and then you will get the input data to start the challenge and an input field to provide the answer with the solution.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? The let’s start solving the daily puzzle!!

Originally published at https://dev.to on December 2, 2019.

Senior Consultant & Angular Trainer at Trivadis — Passionate about web technologies | Focusing on Javascript, Angular and PWAs

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