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This article is a brief introduction to some best practices about web notifications and some typical mistakes we should avoid.

We have several instruments to measure users engagement, such as downloads or clicks. Highly engaged users tend to be more profitable as typically they conclude purchases and share the website content within their network.

When we consider push notifications, engagement can be measured as the average number of sessions the recipients generated by receiving the message within a defined period of time.

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Nowadays we are used to receive a tactile feedback when we receive a text message or when we play a game on our phone.

Until now, native apps had the advantage of providing a deep experience to the users, being able to tightly interact with the hosting hardware.

However, thanks to the Vibration API we can enrich our web apps with a new functionality and let a device vibrate through our browser!
It’s a further step to close the feature gap with native applications.

The Vibration API simply won’t do anything if the hosting device doesn’t support it.

This goes…

How to decouple your client app from mocked network responses.

In one of our Angular courses, we are currently using a Node Express server to provide mock data to an Angular application.

As Deno has been released with the official version 1.0 (mid May 2020), I decided to experiment with it and write a new web server for the course. The final layout looks like the screenshot below (as you can see nothing fancy from the layout perspective):

Cool web tools to boost your design and productivity!

Just a couple of weeks remaining before the end of the year, let’s have a look at the last web tools collection for the 2019!!

Medium zoom is a JavaScript library for zooming images on a page and add different effects to them, like a margin or a background color matching the target image.

One challenge everyday before Christmas holidays!!

Holidays are getting close. Either we are planning to work on some personal side projects, learning some new techie subjects or simply recharging batteries with a well deserved coding pause.

Nevertheless I would like to spread some awareness about the “Advent of code” series, created by Eric Wastl, allowing us to practice our developer skills by solving programming problems on a daily base before Christmas.

What is it about?

Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. …

Keep your frontend skills sharp with fun and entertaining games!

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Learning to code by ourselves can be overwhelming, not only for the difficulty of the subject, but also trying not to get lost in the humongous amount of tutorials and documentation available online. Luckily, there are resources that make things easier and fun, offering educational contents with a gamification aspect.

For a reference you can check out the article I recently published, about learning CSS concepts through online games.

Afterwards, I got many inquiries about similar games to learn web development and javascript. Below the results of my research.


Learning web design can also be fun!

As frontend developers we are often called to design a neat and appealing UI for our web app.

Nowadays there are plenty of concepts and technologies to be aware of: SCSS, responsive design, Grid Layout and Flexbox, just to cite some. Even when we use them daily at work, we typically remember only the most common rules.

Therefore why not practicing these concepts while playing and making the learning process fun?

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How Ivy can reduce bundle size and memory footprint

On the 18th and 19th of September I attended the AngularConnect conference in London.

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Do not worry, this will not be another article telling you to wake up at 4am to be more productive or to shout “I am a winner” in front of the mirror…

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Senior Consultant & Angular Trainer at Trivadis — Passionate about web technologies | Focusing on Javascript, Angular and PWAs

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